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ARCH&LINE / アーチ&ライン

Arch & LINE / Arch and Administration COTTON KNIT VEST (Black) AL212203

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■ Detail
Cotton with a lot of fans from children to adults Double Jacquard knit vest.
Adult crazy design with the back side color.
The best is very convenient for body temperature adjustment, and there is no doubt that there is one piece.
Two color development that is easy to match.

■ Select size
Due to the longitudinal length, the width, it may be a size tailored or even one size.
Please select the width, shoulder width and land length.
※ The model is wearing a size tailored to height.

■ Styling
Because it is a just loose silhouette that is not too much,
Since the ceremony of the shirt and blouse, we will be active in a wide range of casual scenes that combine T-shirts.

■ Material
Cotton / Nylon Double Jacquard knitting, plump, firm meat finish.
There is a doubled jacquo-specific heat retention.
It is not necessary to put on dry cleaning like wool knit, and it is also suitable for those who want to wash many because they do not cheat.

90% cotton
Nylon 10%

* Put it on the net and wash the washing machine.

【Country of origin】

【Size specification】
1: Shoulder width 45.0 / Width 53.0 / Length 64.0
2: Shoulder width 48.0 / Width 58.0 / Length 68.0
3: Shoulder width 52.0 / Width 66.0 / Length 78.0

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