Arch = Curvature, Deviation, Playfulness

Line = Straightness, Honesty, Integrity

The world is made of many arches and lines. ARCH & LINE embodies the many beautiful arches and lines which are indispensable in the creation of clothing.
It is our wish to never lose playfulness (ARCH) while still protecting the integrity (LINE) within our hearts.
ARCH also represents the bridges we hope to create between people. It is our goal to build unseen bridges between the giver and receiver of a gift, the manufacturer and consumer and many others.

Our Wish
We believe in the power of clothes.
We have been inspired to make clothes because they have made us feel happy and energized many times in our lives.
It is our wish as we continue to design and make clothes, that others also experience the same feelings of happiness, find the love of clothes and learn to take good care of them from when they are children.