Brand Description
Clothing that is made with a base of a casual vintage style but not bound by genre.
We aim to introduce you to items that can be worn freely and casually, which are not affected by passing trends, and which value and reflect "originality" and "your current mood".

Regarding the manufacturing of GOTO HOLLYWOOD products in China
There are many items that cannot be manufactured in Japan that are manufactured in specific factories in China. There are also many processes such as hand stitching, handwriting and multi-step aging that are done in these facilities.
Even if it were possible to do all the above domestically in Japan, manufacturing costs would cause our products to be priced over 10 times of what they are currently are.
As it is commonly known, not all products manufactured in China are of the best quality and so the factories we use are selected with the utmost diligence and carefulness. The manufacturing factories that work with us have all been involved with us for over 20 years.
We have met each and every staff member who is involved in manufacturing our products, from the president of the factory and managers to the craftsmen and workers who manufacture and inspect them.
Each one of them understand and share the vision of DD and GTH, which is the biggest reason why we have chosen to stick with them.