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Based in Kobe, SESSIONS has been involved in the selling of children's and adult's clothing manufactured in Japan since 2005. Children in cute outfits never fail to bring a smile to the faces of all those around them. It is our goal to continue spreading smiles by assisting in selecting the cutest children's clothing and coordinating outfits that bring the best out of each child.

"Becoming part of your family" is our concept.

It is our hope to watch over your children as they grow, as if we were part of your family. We are at your disposal.

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SESSIONS specializes in the selecting of the best children's and adult's apparel. The high quality and attractiveness of Japan's children's clothing is especially something we hope to show to the world.
Our aim is to create and maintain a stable environment for craftsmanship in Japan by actively promoting Japan's products both domestically and internationally.
This logo will be displayed on all products manufactured in Japan.

Made in Japan

Regarding products without the logo; these products are planned and designed in Japan but produced overseas. Each brand and its products has its own unique theme and story so please refer to the brand page for details.