nunuforme Reservation Page

With "Mode + Casual" as its concept, nunuforme creates distinctive silhouettes with its unique style of pattern-making that cannot be found in any other children's apparel.
It is also a brand which is heavily involved in the production process of its items and is committed to creating clothes domestically of the highest quality with the best techniques.
We do not create clothes as just consumer goods, and each one is filled with a special purpose and wish.

bedsidedorama Reservation Page

Each piece of children's clothing from bedsidedorama is packed full of its mysterious atmosphere and designed in its unique original patterns. The shirt dresses and salopettes are based on women's apparel already being sold by besidedorama, to which special additions such as original textile has been made. comfortability is the top priority for children's apparel, and UV-cut, water-repellent and quick-drying materials are also employed.
The knit-sleeve t-shirts come in 8 different prints and use designs from bedsidedorama's graphic archive, which include designs created by Kayo Sato, one of bedsidedorama's founding members who passed away in 2015.

SWOON Reservation Page

"To fit both places of learning and places of play", "Creating clothes that is proper, but also highly comfortable". These are the themes by which SWOON create attractive unisex items. Our line-up are not only for children but also include items for the mommies.

Swoon provides designs and over-sized silhouettes which can be worn over many years and adapts to the size and style of a growing child. We pride ourselves in a clean casual style.

UNIONINI Reservation Page

UNIONINI is a children's/adult clothing fashion brand started by the designer Manami Takahashi.
As a child, her mother would clothe her in homemade clothing daily and Designer Takahashi herself would often make her own clothes and bags. Her interest of fashion grew and she continued her self-education in fashion design in ways such as working at a vintage clothing store.

Designer Takahashi's interest in fashion turned from "what she wanted to wear" to "what she wanted others to wear" at the time she gave birth to her own child. UNIONINI's inspiration comes from emotions and the movements of a human body, the things that makes us human and individuals, and this is what makes all its products highly unique.

All the items in the 2014 First Collection were handmade by the designer herself. She continues to create outside-the-box collections with avantgarde ideas, such as the eye-catching 3-dimensional geometric motifs and incorporating black in every item, a rare concept back in 2014.

frankygrow Reservation Page

Chizuko Takai, its designer, is also a mother of three.
The name of the brand "frankygrow" comes from the wish that all children "grow up healthy, frank and honest".
With its concept for apparel being "SIMPLE POP", special attention is given to its materials, details, pattern and unique use of colors, and all sewing is done strictly in Japan.

gotohollywood Reservation Page

Clothing that is made with a base of a casual vintage style but not bound by genre.
We aim to introduce you to items that can be worn freely and casually, which are not affected by passing trends, and which value and reflect "originality" and "your current mood".

folkmade Reservation Page

Things created by hand with warmth, feeling and care last forever…
This is the thought we put into creating clothes one grows attached to and can wear for many years. Clothes that bring a smile to your child's face.
Made in Japan.

Folk Made is a kid's fashion brand from Japan. It began when the founder started creating handmade clothes for her own daughter.
Folk Made cherishes its key concept of unique and timeless designs, high quality and long-lasting clothes with beautiful color variations for children.
We love to bring smiles on all faces of both children and grown-ups!

DENIM DUNGAREE Reservation Page

Standard American apparel which pursues a feel of ruggedness under the concept "recycle" and utilizes secondary-fabricated materials. The warmth of the hands can be felt in each item that is reproduced handmade.

michirico Reservation Page

michirico is a brand directed by the gifted photographer masacova!.
After many years of creating emotions through her works of photography, she now creates fashion items with a sense of humor and surrealness with michirico.
The brand stays true to its core theme of recreating childhood memories and values a nostalgic perspective of the world that is not affected by passing trends.
Inspired by photographs from past travels and scenes of every day life, we shape and create products that can be worn and used daily.
It is our goal to create items that find a story in every day life.

MOUN TEN. Reservation Page

"Functional and Refined Children's Wear."

MOUN TEN. designs simple yet refined every day clothing under its 3 concepts "Sports", "Work", "Military" with functional materials, patterns and specifications, in order to provide children with the most comfortable wear.
For both boys and girls, children and adults.
For all occasions and situations. On the street and outdoors.
We aim to provide you with clothing you can grow fond of anytime and anywhere.

GRIS Reservation Page

GRIS is a brand originating from Japan.
The name "GRIS" means "dull-hued" or "gray" in French.
We specialize in paying careful attention to measurements, designs and materials and incorporate and express our view of the world through patterns and concepts of our children's clothes. Our theme is "Parent and child encountering clothes together".
Founded by Universal Drafting, a pattern-making company in 2017. GRIS continues to create attractive clothes for all ages and sizes with amazing three-dimensional forms and creative measurements by fully utilizing the expertise of pattern-making.

FABRIQ REPORT Reservation Page

Real clothes created by designers mixing the best tastes from a variety of timeless styles such as work, military and marine.
We continue to introduce items with high designability that refuse to compromise on quality or style.

eLfinFolk Reservation Page

ELfinFolk began in 2018AW as a clothing store for small dim unitive folk living in a kingdom that lies deep in a forest.

There is a certain nostalgia and a wonderful fantastical feeling that comes from this children's clothing brand, much like the elfin folk it was named after, beings which we believe exist but cannot be seen by the eye.
Each item is carefully created by our craftsmen from the best materials gathered from across the country and can be worn for any occasion as little children (or mischievous elves) go through their daily adventures.
We find that childhood is over far too quickly, so it is our hope that clothes which become too small for our children remain as heart-warming mementos of those magical days.