About the point

About loyalty points

3 points per 100 yen purchaseWe will grant you.
If you want to use points, click on the loyalty points mark on the right side of the page. The details open.
If you're getting points, you're seeing them on the banner.


About the details screen

Click on the loyalty point mark to open the details screen.
You can check the login name, number of points, and points redeemed for discounts.


How to use loyalty points

Enter the point you want to use in "Used Point" and click "Use Point". The points entered in "Created discount" are reflected.
If you want to change the discount amount, you can enter it again by pressing "Reset".


How do I check for discounts I redeemed?

Once you've redeemed your points for a discount, you can continue shopping.
The discount is automatically reflected on the last payment screen.