bedsidedrama / bedside drama limited edition

You can make a reservation for 2021SS products here.

If you click on the product, you can also see the drawings.
The delivery date of the product will be from February to April 2021.

Bedsidedorama adult clothes can also be booked. Parents and children can also be prepared, so please consider it by all means

○ Payment is fine after arrival, but we can not accept cancellation, so thank you for your understanding.

○ For the convenience of the manufacturer, production may be discontinued, so thank you for your understanding.

○ You can choose a payment method after the product arrives. It is possible to receive in-store or mail order.

○The delivery date varies from product to product. If you have more than one reservation, we will contact you every time the product arrives.
One shipment will be free shipping at 10,000 yen or more.

○ If you can make a reservation by Saturday, October 31, we will prepare it by all time.
※ Basically we will prepare, but please understand that there is a case to be discontinued in rare cases.

○ Basically, it will be made-to-order production, so we can not prepare anything other than store inventory after April 5
Thank you very much for your understanding.