Nunuforme Reservation page

NunuForme, which uses mode + casual as Concept, is a unique pattern making, and the characteristic silhouette that was not found in conventional children's clothing is the point!
It is a brand that is particular about the production background, making high -quality clothing in domestic production, and making clothes backed by reliable technology.
I want you to wear it carefully, not just consumer. I am packed with the feeling of that.

BYBEDSIDEDORAMA Reservation page

The worldview and atmosphere of the bedside drama were dropped into children's clothing as they were, and items were created in the original pattern.
Shirt dresses and salopettes are based on the type of women's sold in the bedside drama.
Arrangements such as incorporating original textiles have been added.
In addition to being aware of the fabric that is comfortable to wear for children, it also uses UV cuts, water -repellent and quick -drying materials.
Knit sleeve T -shirts have eight prints and
It uses the archive graphic of the bedside drama, including the work of the founding member Sato Kayo, who died in 2015.

Swoon reservation page

"It fits in the place of learning and the place of play", "Creating clothes that value a little" properly "and comfort." SWOON works on unisex items with such a theme. In addition to the kids size, some items are also available in mom size.

Over -size silhouette and design can be worn for a long time while changing how to dress as the child grows. Still, you can enjoy a clean casual style without a loose impression.

Unioni reservation page

Unionini is a kids / adult clothing brand launched by Designer Manami Takahashi. When I was young, it was everyday to wear the clothes handmade by my mother, and I myself made the clothes I wanted to wear and the bags I wanted to hold. After that, his interest in clothes has not diminished, and he learns knowledge and design on clothes by himself, such as working in a used clothing store.

With my own birth, my interest changed to "clothes I want to wear" instead of "the clothes I want to wear". "Humans", such as emotions and body movements, are the sources of UNIONIINI, and they have their own personality, just like humans, and are unique.

In the first collection announced in 2014, the designer himself handmade all items. At that time, black, which was rare at that time, was a brand color, incorporating it from the first collection, and a bold design of an iconic three -dimensional ◯ △ motif, so we do not receive regular education in fashion. There is.

Frankygrow reservation page

The designer is Takai Chizuko, who is also a mom of three children.
For FrankyGrow's brand name
"Frank (obediently and roughly) + grow (growing) = roughly big!"
The concept is "SIMPLE POP" unique color, material, details, and patterns, and all sewing are maid -in Japan.

GOTOHOLLYWOOD reservation page

Clothes that are not tied to genres based on casual vintage style.
We propose items that can be worn freely and casually for "feeling now" and "individuality" without being affected by the trend.

FOLKMADE Reservation page

Warm and emotional things that are born from the hands will always remain ...
From such a thought ...
We design children's clothes with a special balance of balance.

And make it a product with nature, texture and taste.

Children's clothing that can be worn for a long time with one piece of attachment
We are aiming for children's clothing that can bring out a smile.

Denim Dungaree Reservation page


An American standard that pursues a rough feeling with the concept of recycling and makes use of secondary processing. It expresses the warmth of handmade by actually reproducing one by one by hand.

MICHIRICO Reservation page

MICHIRICO is a brand where photographer Masacova!
A little surreal and humorous Michirico items created by her, who has been involved in manufacturing for many years.
We value the nostalgic worldview that does not affect the trend around the theme that follows the memories of children.
You can wear photos taken on your destination and inspiration from your daily glimpse every day, use it, and use it to lovable things.
I try to make things that I can find like finding a story in everyday life.


MOUN TEN. Reservation page

"Functional and sophisticated children's clothing"

Because it is a comfortable clothes for children
The axis is based on "sports", "work" and "military"
While thinking about functional materials, patterns, and details
I try to make a simple and sophisticated design that blends into everyday life.
Even boys, girls, adults want to wear ...
I want to wear it on the street, the outdoors, anytime, anywhere ...
We are aiming for the first place with such attachment.

Gris Reservation page

Gris is a Japanese children's clothing brand.
The brand name "Gris" means "dull" and "gray" in French.
The feature is that we are particular about specifications, design and materials. They express their own view of the world while putting patterns, specifications, and concepts in children's clothing. The theme is "Parents and children face clothes."
Universal Drafting (UNIVERSAL DRAFTING) selected children's clothing as one of the expressions to make clothes and launched it in 2017. They are making clothes that can be attached regardless of gender, such as three -dimensional forms that can be created because they are patterns, and specifications that can stir the creation.

Fabriq Report Reservation page

We propose a real closing that mixes a variety of tastes, such as a border -free, military, and marine, and reproduces what the designers feel and what they think are good.
We will continue to propose highly designed items that are made by sticking out with high coordination.

ELFINFOLK Reservation page

Elfinfolk [Elfin Fork]
In the invisible kingdom behind the forest
As a small person's clothes shop
It started in 2018AW.

With elfin, the fairy's meaning
Folk, which is the ethnic group
This brand with the same name is
It's like the folk costumes of the fairies that are invisible but exist
Remember some foreign country
It is a child with a nostalgic and fancy atmosphere.

Good material collected from production areas in various parts of Japan
The craftsmen carefully made each one carefully
Dnatled fairy = Clothes for adventure that small children unfold every day.
It is a real closing that can be worn in both daily and formal.

The days of childhood have passed too early
Clothes that have become smaller
I hope I can keep my heart as warm memories forever
I have a wish ...